No. 2306
I'll always remember Glitch for
The ability to customize your character in endless ways. I went from elf to half-dragon in no time at all.
No. 2595

I'll always remember Glitch for How the first living things you met were a pair of surly conjoined lawn flamingos, and the second was hair.

No. 2611
I'll always remember Glitch for
how you could hug your emo bear once a day if you were ever lonesome.
No. 2612

I'll always remember Glitch for the letters I left all around Ur. I never saved screencaps of them all, but they were always entitled "Dear Traveler". I would write them whenever I was inspired and place them in hard-to-reach places, or places where something special had happened to me. By the end of the game, I had traveled every street on the map, and I left over a dozen of these notes strewn all across the world. I wrote about how I couldn't get the icicles in Lotha Harte to work, I wrote one when I found my last DNAja-vu spot, and I wrote one on the last street I hadn't visited yet. My favorite was in Awn Terio, though, the last note I wrote. Where I said goodbye to everyone. I got all kinds of replies on that street, and at least ten different people decided to spend their last moments on that street with me. I have never felt more loved, or more sad, in all my life.

No. 2625
I'll always remember Glitch for
The fact that it was a world built on kindness and brotherhood.
No. 2626

I'll always remember Glitch for the dirt patch on my home street. It said to me, in a child's voice, "You have to ‘member I exist, though, right? Because if someone forgets I exist, then maybe I don’t exist anymore. If things that exist when someone thinks them up? If someone forgets to think that they exist, they don’t exist anymore, issit? That’s what happened to the Mabbites. Everyone stopped remembering they existed, and that was the end of them. You promise not to forget I ‘zist please." And I promised to remember it. And I will never forget. So long as I live, I won't ever forget that wonderful world of Ur, or that sweet little patch in my yard.