Glitch Housing

What are routes?

Routes are long chains of Glitchen who join up their home streets using their signposts to connect up streets with similar resources or themes. Each route uses a specific signpost and have a single curator who manages it.

How do I join one?

Visit the routes page and make sure you understand what the route needs. You'll need to meet all resource requirements as well as any other requirement the curator has set. After that, change your signpost on the sign position used by the route to the first person you see on the route, and click the "Join Route" button.

I want to create a new route!

That's great! But first, make sure you're up to the task. Keeping Glitchen organized is like herding cats. Tools like this site helps, but make sure you can find some time every day to deal with the route. Also make sure that your route doesn't duplicate any of the existing ones. If you're set, here's the big orange button for you to press:

Gimme a new route!