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Peat Bog Route

Peat! A very useful resource, commonly found in the boggy regions of Ur. But with the housing systems in place you can have peat right on your home street! Link up to this route and you can share your street peat with everyone. Route Thread: Requirements: 5 peat bogs, and as always more is much appreciated! To join the route: -Set up 5 or more peat bogs to the left of your signpost. -Set your top sign to the member at the top of the members list. -Post a comment in this thread letting me know that you'd like to join and I'll make sure you get in the loop as soon as possible. To leave the route: -Post a comment in this thread letting me know you want to leave. -Mail or IM the person above you in the members list to tell them to set their top sign to the person below you in the members list.

Curator Arthur Dent-Ur

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