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Museum Route

CAVEAT MUSEUMGOER: Not everyone on the Museum Route uses signpost #3, so read note poles carefully and come back to this page if you get lost!

Requirements to join:

1. Add the person at the head of the route to your #3 sign (or if that sign is not free, have a gnome or note pole indicate which sign visitors should click on).
2. A name that indicates that the building is primarily a museum.
3. At least the entire ground floor should be devoted to your museum's theme, OR at least half of the building's overall floor space to it.
4. Note poles: you should have at least one note pole containing information about the museum theme. This pole can be either somewhere inside the tower, or on the street immediately outside it.
5. The number of objects on display, plus the number of note poles with written notes on them, should add up to more than the number of vending SDBs in the museum space. (The non-museum parts of your tower can have as much vending SDB action as you want.)
6. Your museum should be at least a little bit awesome.

Once you've met the requirements, just go ahead and add yourself to this route! (And if you wish, send Egiantine a message in-game to get her sign updated to point to you.)

Curator EgIantine

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By Teleport - Gives you a shuffled list of players from the route on a single page, from which you can teleport from one player to the next.

Through Signposts - Takes you to a random person on the route, where you can continue on using signposts.


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