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The Swirl of Savory Smoothies

(WE NEED MORE MEMBERS) See the swirl... drink the swirl... join the swirl... Savory Smoothies. Savory Smoothies give you an awesome, essential buff to give you LOADS of mood. So make some! You'll need BUBBLES, ALLSPICE, some MEAT, and OILY DRESSING, and a blender to make these. For now you gotta buy the dressings (try Uncle Friendly's), but you'll be able to buy them on the swirl once home street vending SDBs are released. IM me or mail me to join the route; a navi-gnome or note poles are optional.

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By Teleport - Gives you a shuffled list of players from the route on a single page, from which you can teleport from one player to the next.

Through Signposts - Takes you to a random person on the route, where you can continue on using signposts.


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