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Hello all! This is my second attempt at a group. Due to a difference of opinion with a fellow admin in my last group, I have decided to leave that one behind and start anew. If you have come over from my last group, welcome home. I promise this will be a lot less confusing then what it was in the past. PLEASE ADD YOURSELF TO THE GROUP LIST AS WELL PLEASE SO I CAN KEEP LIST ON THE GROUP SITE CURRANT For those of you that don't know I plan to have members of the route keep a free pile of whatever by your post and link in with the others to form a route of free things just to make the world of Ur that much better for all. Freebie Jeebies is a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of Glitches who are giving (and getting) stuff for FREE in their own streets! It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of the hands of the Rook or the trash heap!

Curator max_champlin

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By Teleport - Gives you a shuffled list of players from the route on a single page, from which you can teleport from one player to the next.

Through Signposts - Takes you to a random person on the route, where you can continue on using signposts.


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