Glitch Housing

Library of Ur

Each street on this route contains a collection of notes themed around a particular subject.

NB: we do not use a set sign position! each street will have a gnome or note which will direct you to the next stop on the route.

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...Poem of the Day [link to Noute Route]
...Poems & Songs
Dagny Taggart
...6-Word Stories
Miss Bobbit
...Poems & Stories
Moehr Awesome
...Biographies, Memoirs & Back Issues
...Civility Library (tower floor 3)
...Creative Writing Games [link to Games Route]
Isabelle Catbus
...Short Stories
Voluptua Sneezelips
...Tips, Strategy & Reference
...Inspirational Notes [link to Poetry Route]
Miss Portinari
...Found Notes & Tower of Tarot

Curator Miss Portinari

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