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Metal ROD: the Route of Destiny

When you create your metal rawks, try to have at least FOUR (but we're trying for at EIGHT or moar) and place them on the left hand side of your signpost. This makes it easier for metalworkers to FIND your resources, mine them, and move on down the route. It's also nice if they're in a row, easy to find, etc. You can ask for help restoring resources in HRR chat. Note to existing members: Please get your routes up to 4+ metal rocks by July 15. If you need IMG to do it, I will give you seasoned beans or basement keys, etc. so you can get your img up to do it. Time to rock HARDER. HRR Thread located here - please comment there with any concerns, requests or issues with the route.

Curator Scarlett Bearsdale

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By Teleport - Gives you a shuffled list of players from the route on a single page, from which you can teleport from one player to the next.

Through Signposts - Takes you to a random person on the route, where you can continue on using signposts.


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