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Egg Expressway

Welcome to the Egg Route, for all your cooking, seasoning and soft boiling needs!

The requirements for this route are:
--5 Egg Trees on your street (preferably to the right of your sign post)
--A note on a note pole or a gnome (or both) directing visitors to the next person on the route. (If you need either a pole or a gnome, please let me know and I'll provide one for you)
--The next person on the route must be added to the last sign (#5) on your sign post.

When you meet these requirements, click "Join." I would also appreciate if you either send me a message or post in the forum to let me know that you have joined.

If you would like to leave the route, please let me know in the forum. Then, send a message to the person who links to you asking that they please link to the next person. Please give this 24 hours before changing your sign (or until they change, whichever comes first) in an attempt to prevent breaks.

Curator railroadbaron

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By Teleport ?

By Teleport - Gives you a shuffled list of players from the route on a single page, from which you can teleport from one player to the next.

Through Signposts - Takes you to a random person on the route, where you can continue on using signposts.


Sorry, this route is full and isn't accepting any more new members

Maximum members: 40

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